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A Word about the PADI eLearning Program

Pacific Wilderness offers a vast array of PADI Scuba Courses including: Beginner, Advanced, 14 Different Specialties, Technical, Professional and Public Safety. Some courses have an online training option which allows you to complete the classroom work at home.The courses available with online training are listed below. If you have questions, please contact us at: 310-833-2422 or email us here.

If you are considering a PADI eLearning Course, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before enrolling: If you enroll, you MUST enroll through our store (Pacific Wilderness) in order to complete the class at either of our locations.  This allows us to track your progress, view your completion and streamline paperwork in processing your certification.

  1. Enrolling in the PADI eLearning Course, in most cases, will NOT save you money, but it will save you time.  The cost of the eLearning option is IN ADDITION to the cost of the class.  The advantage for you is the classroom portion of the course can be completed online at your convenience.  The disadvantage – you’ll pay a little extra for that convenience.
  2. PADI eLearning Courses offered through Pacific Wilderness are listed below.  Please read the notes next to each Course for information regarding enrollment, costs and scheduling options.
  3. To enroll in eLearning through our store, simply click on the Class Banner Below OR choose our store when you go through the PADI Website.  Note: The Cost of eLearning is the SAME at all dive shops. Computer requirements:  PADI recommends using either Internet Explorer (PC) or Firefox (PC or Mac) with eLearning. The program is tablet compatible, but iPad users will need a flash app to use eLearning on an iPad.
PADI Scuba Tune-up (Refresher)– This is a good option for someone who just needs an Academic brush up or someone who would like to spend their entire 3 hour
refresher in the pool – rather than splitting time between classroom & Pool.  This gives you more Pool time to work on skills.

Click Here for Refresher Class Costs.
More Details Here
Cost is $62.00

OW eLearning2
PADI OpenWater – This is a good option for someone who is limited on time. Most classroom work (approx 5 hours) may be completed online at your convenience. 
Open Water class costs click 
More Details Here
Cost is $174.00 
Nitrox-e-Learning-Button PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Online –
If you choose this program, you may simply Register online using the Link at left.  Following completion of the Enriched Air eLearning Course you pay as little as $30 to complete the Course at Pacific Wilderness with one of our Instructors. 

Click Here for Nitrox Class Costs.
More Details Here
Cost is $245.00 
elrn_Bnr_RescuDvr_468x60_10 PADI Rescue Online – This Course
option is NOT currently Integrated into our Program.  Current Class schedules do not accommodate the Rescue 
eLearning option.  This, however, does not mean you won’t  be better prepared for your Rescue Class should you opt for eLearning to supplement your knowledge. 
Click Here for Rescue Class Costs.
More Details Here
Cost is $169.00 
eLrn_Bnr_DvThry_10-440x80 Dive Theory  – Supplemental study material for Divemaster and IDC candidates in preparation for exams. Successful completion of Dive Theory online  may be substituted for the Dive Theory section of the Divemaster and IDC exams. Please consult your instructor.
Cost is $129.00 

PADI DiveMaster Online – This Course is currently Optional for our DiveMaster Program.  Candidates may choose to use the eLearning
option to
cut back classroom time necessary in completing the DiveMaster program. This Online Course will save you $100 on the DM class and save you time.  Click Here for DM Class Costs.
More Details Here
Cost is $232.00 

PADI IDC Online Course – This Class is a Prerequisite for ALL IDC Candidates.  You must complete the Online portion of the IDC PRIOR to starting your Course.  Look for the eLearning Logo in our IDC Section.   Click Here for IDC Class Costs.
More Details Here
Cost is $366.00 

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