I was told that my SCUBAPRO UWATEC equipment does not come with a warranty if I purchase it through the mail or over the internet. Is this true?

SCUBAPRO UWATEC equipment purchased from sources other than a SCUBAPRO UWATEC authorized dealer may not carry the specific warranty that the United States, US territories and Canada offers. This equipment is also not covered under the Free Preferred Parts Replacement Program or Batteries For Life Program. Authorized dealers are only allowed to sell SCUBAPRO UWATEC equipment over the counter, at their retail location. If you find a mail order or internet dealer selling SCUBAPRO UWATEC equipment, you should contact Scubapro to determine if you are dealing with an authorized dealer.

If you have already purchased from a source other than an authorized SCUBAPRO UWATEC dealer, we would strongly recommend that you take your equipment to an authorized SCUBAPRO UWATEC dealer to have it inspected to be sure that it is in operating condition and that it is performing to correct specifications. We would also advise you to follow the SCUBAPRO UWATEC recommended service and maintenance guidelines for your product. Some retailers will offer their own warranties on our product. You may wish to contact the source from which you obtained your product to see what recourse you have concerning warranty issues.