Aqua Lung America/SeaQuest Product Warranties

(covers Apeks, Aqua Lung , SeaQuest and Suunto products)

Important Notice About Mail Order Sales of Aqua Lung Products and Warranties

(Aqua Lung Products include products labeled Apeks, Aqua Lung, SeaQuest and Suunto)

Retailers that offer to sell and ship Aqua Lung life support products by mail, in response to mail, telephone or internet orders, are NOT AUTHORIZED AQUA LUNG AMERICA DEALERS. If a consumer purchases Aqua Lung life support products by mail, telephone order or electronically, they are purchasing from a non-authorized dealer, and the products will not be covered by Aqua Lung America’s Warranty. Aqua Lung America has not authorized any exceptions to its "in-store only" sales policy.

When a consumer buys Aqua Lung life support products from an Authorized Aqua Lung America Dealer, they are buying from trained professionals who can instruct them on the proper and safe use of the equipment.