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   Once you get to Casino Point you'll find everything is very "Diver Friendly".  There's an Air Fill Truck located next to the Casino that's open most Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.  You can check with Catalina Divers Supply to see if it's open when you'll be there by calling 1-800-353-0330.  You'll find Diver Storage Lockers & Rest Rooms at the Casino as well. 

  The Ocean access at Casino Point is extremely easy now that the steps have been added at the entry point.  The only advise I can give on entering is to watch the divers before you as they sink below the water - learn from their entry.  The steps make it easy, but be sure to use the handrails (they're there for a reason) - the steps can get slippery!  Also, be sure to "time the surge", so you don't get pushed back onto the steps at the waterline.  Two simple bits of advise that should make your a little easier.


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    Casino Point is one of the most popular dive sites in California and deservingly so.  The city of Avalon has done a great job making the city and Dive Sites very Diver friendly. 

    The Dive Site itself is easily accessible via the stairway leading directly into the water from the walkway.  Once in the water, the surf is usually calm or near calm and visibility is always pretty good (15-100').  Sea life is abundant and generally easily approachable.  You'll find a lot of great photo opportunities at Catalina, so bring a camera if you have one.

   You'll find several small wrecks within easy swimming distance of the stairs and lots of other points of interest throughout the Underwater Park.  My advise is to just Dive and enjoy the view, you'll come across many interesting things on every dive!


Casino Point Map

Catalina Aerial View

Courtesy of "Google Earth" 2005 - Image 2005 Digital Globe

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    Casino Point (Avalon Underwater Park) is a marine preserve and I could swear the Sea Creatures are well aware of it.  Perhaps it's the glass bottom Boats feeding them every day to lure them closer for the tourists...or perhaps it's years of protection that has been instilled in their genetics.  Whatever the case, you'll find the sea life very curios and unafraid to approach or be approached by divers.  This is great sometimes...sometimes not if you're trying to take pictures.

    There's a reason people travel from all over the world to Dive Catalina Island and it's Kelp forests, they're beautiful and unique - and often taken for granted by us California Divers!  I can tell you personally, based on many years of experience and a healthy resume of world dive travel, that Catalina Island is a World Class Dive Spot and should be appreciated for what it is.  I applaud those who have protected this tiny Treasure in the Pacific and you'll not regret diving this tiny Island.  One group doing a great job protecting this Island is Catalina Conservancy Divers - check them out by clicking the link.

    You'll find a healthy dose of Pacific Coast sea life here at Casino Point including; kelp fish, horn sharks, Garibaldi, Bass, Opal Eye, Sea Urchin, Gorgonian, Rock Scallop, Rock Wrasse, Sargo, Senoritas, Spiny Lobster, Treefish, Anemone, Sea Cucumber, etc.

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    Casino Point is set up especially for Divers.  You'll find all the amenities including; restrooms right there at the site, Air Fill station, Food, and anything else you may need within easy walking distance.

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La Paloma Shown Below


  If you wish to stay overnight in Avalon - Below is a List of some of the Islands "Diver Friendly" Hotels  

Hotel Atwater
Baggage service to boat. Packages available. Prices $74 to $369 

Call 800-626-0720

La Paloma and Las Flores
Shuttle from boat, wash down area, storage.  Prices $79 to $229

Call 800-310-1505 

Pavilion Lodge
Baggage service to boat. Packages available. Prices $94 to $279 

Call 800-626-1496

Seaport Village Inn
Dive gear transport from boat landing, gear wash down area, heated patio spa, BBQ picnic area and classroom gear storage.  Prices $79 to $407 

Call 310-510-0344

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To Catalina Express Terminal



San Pedro Terminal

Berth 95 - San Pedro
(110) Harbor Freeway South into San Pedro. Take the Terminal Island Exit ramp 47 - Stay in right lane, exit Harbor Blvd. Follow signs to Catalina Terminal, Berth 95.

Link to Catalina Express Site

Parking: $12.00 per day. Cash or Traveler's Checks only. (PCI Parking - (310) 547-4357)



To Casino Point from Catalina Express Terminal


  Once you arrive at the Avalon terminal for Catalina Express you have Several Transportation Choices:

  1. If you booked a Hotel, they will often meet you at the terminal with a complimentary shuttle to take you to your room.  Check with your hotel PRIOR to arriving to see if they provide this service.

  2. If you are at Catalina just for the day, I would advise hiring a Taxi (split it between fellow Divers), because the distance from the terminal to Casino Point is about 3/4 of a mile (Gear gets Heavier the longer you walk).  Cab fare is about $12.

  3. You always have the option to walk.

Casino Point is at the very other end of Avalon's Cove, so be prepared for a walk.

For more Info on Catalina:


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Emergency Assistance:

Recompression Chambers:


--911 (Dial First) CATALINA ISLAND --(310) 510-1053


--(919) 684-8111 NORTHRIDGE --(818) 885-8500
HARBOR DEPT --(310) 510-0535 SANTA ANA --(714) 973-8777
FIRE --(310) 510-0203 LOS ROBLES --(805) 497-2727
SHERIFF --(310) 510-0174



DAN  (Medical Questions)

--(919) 684-2948

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