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About 75 yards from the Parking lot  (if you park in the Southern corner) is the trail leading down to the Beach.  The trail begins at the Southernmost corner of the Park where you'll find an opening in the fence with signage warning of the Parking Regulations and to "Stay on the Trail". 

    The trail leading to the beach is fairly steep in areas and quite narrow in others.  The trail winds down about 75 yards then switches back another 50 or so yards before you reach the beach area.  You'll find a Lifeguard shack immediately in front of the short stairway access to the beach.

  Note that this site has been rated Intermediate because of the hike down to the beach, not the actual dive location.




Southern Access from Parking lot

Image of Trail Leading to Beach

Signage at Mouth to Trail

Stairway in front of Lifeguard Station

Fence Opening Leading to Beach


  Water entry is relatively easy in light and moderate surf.  The shore leading to the beach has lots of loose rocks so be cautious when entering or exiting beyond the sand.

  The surf here is usually pretty calm - but we've seen it pretty big, so only enter if you're comfortable - dive to your ability!

  Depth will be about 15 - 60 feet in most areas within easy swimming distance.

  Visibility is generally good, averaging about 20 feet with occasional 40-50 foot visibility. Usually there is no noticeable current, but once in a while there may be a light south-easterly current along shore.

  More Advanced Divers and those who don't mind a little hike will enjoy diving Abalone Cove.  We've rated this spot as an Intermediate Dive, not because of the actual dive, but because of the big hike required to get to the dive site...It's a bit of a workout getting there.

View from Trail of Abalone Cove

Beach Access looking at Lifeguard Station

Beach Entry looking from Stairs

Shown; Parking Area, Access to Trail, Trail to beach & Beach Access

Picture Courtesy of Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman 2002-2007 California Coastal Records Project

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  Lots of Rocks, kelp and lots of sand! 

  Beyond that you'll likely see:

  Lots of small invertebrates including brightly colored Spanish shawl nudibranchs. Sea stars, Chestnut cowries, Sand Bass, Bat Rays, Calico Bass, Tree Fish, Cabezon, Giant Kelpfish, Blackeye Goby, California Halibut,  California Sheephead, Senorita, White Seaperch, Opaleye, Horn Shark, Giant Crabs, small reef fish and an abundance of octopus.  Also common here is the electric torpedo ray. The torpedo rays has a distinctive round shape and shows no fear of divers. Steer clear of these guys as they can pack one hell of an electrical charge!  During the months of March through June you'll likely see some White Sea Bass on the fringe of the Kelp Beds as well.


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  There are "Port-A-Potties" located next to the Guard Shack at the Parking Area at street level.  There is also an additional "Port-A-Pottie" in the lower lifeguard parking lot below.

  You'll also find picnic tables and trash cans in the picnic area adjacent the main lot on the cliffs.  Enjoy that million dollar view over lunch after the dive! 

There's a great Strawberry stand near the park entrance with strawberries you'll really appreciate after a good dive.  Stand is open seasonally.

Facilities at Main Parking Area

Facilities at lower level at Beach

Picnic Tables along Coast

Million Dollar View

Million Dollar View

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Parking is $5

   Parking is always plentiful.  Remember, when you pull in you'll pay your $5 Parking Fee at the guard shack then you'll want to pull into the far left corner of the lot (South Corner).  This is the closest to the Beach access and will save you some walking.

  Please pay attention to the "No Parking" signs.  After dark a tow company may take your vehicle, likewise if you are there more than an hour before sunrise.

  Be aware the Main Parking lot with the Guard Shack is where you'll want to park.  You'll also see a very small parking area further South (About 4 spots) and closer to the Trail Entrance - DO NOT PARK there, as it is only 30 minute parking and you'll be ticketed during the dive.

  Additionally, even further South is a LOCKED GATE that allows vehicle access directly to the beach.  This access is for the Lifeguards and will always be locked (at least in my experience).  There is absolutely no parking at or near the gate's entrance.

Entrance to Parking Area

Park in Southernmost Corner

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110 Freeway South till it Ends (It ends on Gaffey Street in San Pedro)
Gaffey Street Left 25 blocks to 25th Street (Merge to the right onto 25th)
Travel a few Miles and 25th Street turns into Palos Verdes Drive South
You'll travel another 4-5 miles, you'll be getting close - within a couple of miles or so when the bumpy Roads smooth out.

The entrance to Abalone Cove will be on your Left - But you'll actually pass the parking entrance and have to make a U-Turn at "Sea Cove Drive to get back to the entrance ( A sign to warn you of the U-Turn a 1/4 mile before the turn - Shown Below). Look for the Sign at the entrance.


Sign on PV Drive South (Heading North)

Entrance to Parking Area

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Emergency Assistance:

Recompression Chambers:


--911 (Dial First) CATALINA ISLAND --(310) 510-1053


--(919) 684-8111 NORTHRIDGE --(818) 885-8500
HARBOR PATROL --(310) 318-0632 SANTA ANA --(714) 973-8777
LIFEGUARDS --(310) 372-2162 LOS ROBLES --(805) 497-2727
FIRE --(310) 379-5416
POLICE --(310) 318-0618

DAN  (Medical Questions)

--(919) 684-2948



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