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  • Take 110 Freeway South Until it Ends on "Gaffey Street" in San Pedro
  • Exit Left onto Gaffey Street
  • Follow Gaffey Street 22 Blocks to 22nd Street and turn left.

(If you Turn left on 17th You'll See Pacific Wilderness at 17th & Pacific)

  • Once you turn onto 22nd Street you'll head down Past Pacific Avenue - beyond Mesa Street & Via Cabrillo Marina
  • At the Bottom of the Hill you'll see the sign at Right for the entrance to 22nd Street Landing - Pull in there.

Important:  The Parking lot is for Restaurant Customers Only - DO NOT PARK HERE - There is a Loading and Unloading Area near the Docks for Diver Convenience - Please unload your Gear there and seek Parking Across the Street.

(See "Unloading Gear" & "Parking" Sections Below)


Road-Side Sign Showing Entry Point Near the Dive Boats to Unload Gear

View Coming Down 22nd Street at "Via Cabrillo Marina" about 100 Yards from the Entrance to 22nd Street Landing

22nd Street Restaurant is a Good Landmark to use when looking for 22nd Street Landing

Parking is for Restaurant Customers Only - There is an Area for Loading and Unloading near the Docks

A-Entrance, B-Parking,

Picture Courtesy of Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman 2002-2005 California Coastal Records Project

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  Once you find your way to 22nd Street Landing, the rest is pretty easy.

  You'll enter into the Parking Lot where "22nd Street Landing Bar & Grill" is to Unload your Gear.  Note there is a Sign at the entrance stating Parking is limited to 2 Hours and is for Restaurant Patrons Only.  Yes, they're Serious and you will be towed if you park there all day - So, to stay out of trouble, just veer right into the Parking Lot and circle around to the Loading / Unloading spaces in front of the Bar & Grill.  (The Spaces are shown Below).

  You are allowed 30 minutes to Unload / Load, but take into account that with several dive & Fishing boats leaving each day and an average of 30 passengers per boat - there will be a lot of people waiting behind you to do the same. 

Please be Courteous and move your vehicle right away

  Parking for the full day is across the Street - See "Parking" below for tips & Suggestions.

When you Enter Parking Lot You'll  Circle around and unload Near Dock

Several Spots are Shown Here for Loading and Unloading Dive Gear

Be Polite to Other Divers needing to Load or Unload - 30 Minutes?  Try fewer.

This is the Short Walk to the Dock  - Picture taken from Loading Area


Entrance to the Docks are Shown.  You'll find several Dive and Fishing Boats Here

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  Parking is normally plentiful - even on weekends. When you exit the 2 Hour Parking Area next to The Docks you can find all day Parking directly across the street (These are the "Prime" Parking Spaces) or just down the road.  Either Way, You'll need to turn Right onto 22nd Street when you exit the lot to enter either Parking Area.

If the Lot across the street is full, don't worry, there's a ton of Parking a half block down the Street.  The walk is a little longer, but just think of how good the exercise is!

  As common sense should dictate, a gentle reminder to lock your car and keep valuables out of view or with you.  Although it is rare, we've had a few Car break-ins over the years when we've had groups out for the day.

View as you Leave Loading Area back onto 22nd street.  Turn Right to find Parking for the Day

Exit Loading Area and Turn Right for Access to All Day Parking Lots

"Prime" Parking Spaces Across the Street from 22nd Street Landing

 Entrance to BIG Parking Lot Shown just Across the Street and 1/2 Block Down

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