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  Beach Access is about as easy as it gets.  This is the only Beach in the Area where you can Literally Drive Down to the Beach and unload - and not climb Stairs or Hills!

  From the Parking Area walk to the Beach and enter at about the halfway Point on the Cove ("D" on the Aerial View Below).  Make sure you Walk Beyond the Rocky Area Closest to the Parking Lot or You'll find yourself Rolling on the Rocks.

Note the Access for Royal Palms is the Same as it is for White Point.  When you reach the Bottom White Point is the Road to your left and Royal Palms is to your Right.

Road-Side Sign Showing Entry Point

Royal Palms Entry Area

Guard Shack at Top of Hill

The Road Leading to the Beach

  Water entry is relatively easy in light and moderate surf.  The trick here is to not Dive Royal Palms at Low Tide because there are a ton of relatively Large, Loose Rocks that are exposed at at this time making Entry and Exit Hazardous.

   If you can Time your Dive to take place at or just before High Tide you'll find this the ideal time to Dive.  Enter without fins and with your BC Inflated - Wade out to Waist Level and then put on your fins.  Watch for loose rocks when entering and exiting - Use Buoyancy to keep yourself "Light". 

  Unlike White Point and its' unique Hot Water Vents, Royal Palms does not have these Vents.  But because of this, there is more abundant Sea Life (the Fish shy away from the Vents).

  Expect to see Bat Stars, Sea Cucumbers, Moray eels and lots of Nudibranchs as you venture away from the Vents.  Go a little Deeper and East and you'll run into Kelp and Rock outcrops loaded with goodies.

Royal Palms View from Road

Note the Steep Entry Area!

A-Access Road, B-To White Point, C-Parking, D-Royal Palms Entry Area, E-Restrooms

Picture Courtesy of Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman 2002-2005 California Coastal Records Project

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  As you venture away from the Hot Water Vents of White Point - your likely to run into; Sand Bass, Bat Rays, Calico Bass, Tree Fish, Cabezon, Giant Kelpfish, Blackeye Goby, California Halibut,  Bat Stars, Sea Cucumbers, Senorita, White Sea perch, Opaleye, Leopard Shark, Horn Shark, Lobsters, Giant Crab, Nudibranchs lots of little critters anywhere there's a hide-out.


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Royal Palms has Great Facilities - this is a Dive Spot often Overlooked by many. 

  The top of the Hill at the Entry to White's Point and Royal Palms Includes Restrooms, Children's Playground, Additional Parking and a Nice Picnic Area!

  The Bottom of the hill you'll find another Restroom Facility (On the Royal Palms Side of the beach) and Plenty more Beach-Side Parking.

Restrooms at Royal Palms Beach

Picnic Area at Entry on Top of Hill

Playground Area at Entry on Top of Hill

Restrooms at Entry on Top of Hill

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  Parking is normally plentiful - even on weekends. Sometimes if you arrive early or in the off Season the Parking Guard Shack may be Closed - But You are still Expected to Pay for Parking and should do so at the Bottom of the Hill at the Machine Pictured Below - the Machine takes Coins, Bills & Credit Cards.  Parking from 7am to 9am is $2 or you can Park All Day for $6.  The lot is Closed at Night so make sure you don't get locked in.

  There is an Access Road Leading down from the Main Parking Shack at the top to the Beach Below.  Go Right at the Bottom to Reach Royal Palms.  Turning Left will take you to White Point.

Pay for Parking Here when Open

The Back-Up Parking Fee Collector

Plenty of Beach-Side Parking

Aerial View of Parking Area

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Take 110 Freeway South Until it Ends on "Gaffey Street" in San Pedro
Exit Left onto Gaffey Street
Follow Gaffey Street till it ends and veers right at Paseo Del Mar
Turn onto Paseo Del Mar and Travel about a Mile and a Half till you see an Entry Point to White Point / Royal Palms (There's a Guard Shack there and Gate).

Pay for Parking and Proceed all the way Down the Hill.  When you reach the Bottom - Turn Right and Park all the way at the end.

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Emergency Assistance:

Recompression Chambers:


--911 (Dial First) CATALINA ISLAND --(310) 510-1053


--(919) 684-8111 NORTHRIDGE --(818) 885-8500
HARBOR PATROL --(310) 318-0632 SANTA ANA --(714) 973-8777
LIFEGUARDS --(310) 372-2162 LOS ROBLES --(805) 497-2727
FIRE --(310) 379-5416
POLICE --(310) 318-0618

DAN  (Medical Questions)

--(919) 684-2948



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