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BEACH ACCESS - Heisler Park (North) - "Picnic Beach"


 Heisler Park (North) - "Picnic Beach" is just north of Myrtle Street and Cliff Drive just west of Pacific Coast Highway.  There is plenty of street parking all along Cliff Drive in front of Heisler Park (Which runs about four city blocks). 

  Please be mindful of the neighbors - Side streets have exclusively private residences with people who enjoy sleeping in the the weekends...nobody enjoys a rude awakening!

  The Beach access is a very easy walk along a paved trail leading to the beach.  It's a gradual decline with a great view of the ocean leading to a nice sandy beach below. 

The Water is a short walk once you hit the sand and is relatively easy access. 


Myrtle at Cliff  Drive (Head North)

Top of Walkway - Beach Access

Heisler park "Picnic Beach" Entry Sign

Bottom of Walkway at Beach (Note Shower)

Beach Access looking down at beach

"Picnic Beach" - Guess what? - Picnic Tables!

Beach Access from Beach Level

Beach Access looking up from Beach

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  Heisler Park's "Picnic Beach" is located at the northernmost end of the park.  Plenty of Parking, nice facilities and a nice walkway leading to the beach make this a great dive spot.  "Picnic Beach" is easy walking distance to "Monument Point" (Just South) and "Rock Pile" (further South) - both other sites boasting great views, good diving and facilities.

  We've rated this location as an "Beginner Dive" because of the easy access to the beach and the easy entry and relatively smooth entry points.

   Note that from June 15th through September 15th diving is only allowed from 7am till 10 pm, so prepare accordingly for the time limitations.

  Heisler Park is a preserve, so take only pictures.

Easy entry at "Picnic Beach"

"Picnic Beach" Access to Beach - Also shown Restrooms, Parking & Picnic Area

Picture Courtesy of Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman 2002-2007 California Coastal Records Project

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  Sea life is typical for the area and much of it will be found around and on the rocks.  If your an observant diver and carry a small dive light you'll find all sorts of goodies hiding in the rocks. 

 You're likely to see Senoritas, Lobster (except during Lobster Season), spanish shawls, nudibranchs, Garibaldi, sheepshead, eel grass, bat rays and assorted other little guys & gals. 

This is a preserve, so take only pictures.


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  There are excellent facilities at Heisler Park including Restrooms at both North & South Heisler.

  • The South Heisler Park - "Rock Pile" facilities are at Jasmine Street & Cliff Drive behind the change machine located on the sidewalk.  Access is via a paved walkway both north & South of the Change machine


  • The North Heisler Park - "Picnic Beach" facilities are North of Myrtle Street & Cliff Drive near the top of the Beach Access walkway.  Access is via a paved walkway along the cliffs of the beach.

For Emergencies, you'll find a phone 1 1/2 blocks South by the change machine at Jasmine & Cliff Drive.

South Heisler "Rock Pile" - Restrooms

North Heisler "Picnic Beach" - Restrooms

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  There is plenty of street parking all along Cliff Drive in front of Heisler Park.  There is also a change machine at Cliff Drive and Jasmine you'll find handy if you forgot quarters.

  Parking runs 25 cents per 15 minutes (that's $1 per hour for the math challenged) and runs a maximum of 3 hours.  The meters take ONLY Quarters, so bring plenty.

  Parking is still relatively limited - Especially on nice Weekend Days, so plan on arriving early for the best Parking Opportunities (Before 8:00 am).  Remember, during the summer Divers are only allowed in the water from 7 am till 10 am.

Change Machine at Jasmine & Cliff

Plenty of Street Parking

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  From 405 Freeway exit Laguna Canyon Road (133) South towards Laguna Beach
Follow Laguna Canyon Road / Broadway till it ends at Pacific Coast Highway (1).

  Turn right onto PCH and then:

  Park anywhere along Cliff Drive - There's plenty of parking all along Heisler Park.


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Emergency Assistance:

Recompression Chambers:


--911 (Dial First) CATALINA ISLAND --(310) 510-1053


--(919) 684-8111 NORTHRIDGE --(818) 885-8500
LIFEGUARDS --(949) 494-6571 SANTA ANA --(714) 973-8777
FIRE --(949) 497-0700 LOS ROBLES --(805) 497-2727
POLICE --(949) 497-0701



DAN  (Medical Questions)

--(919) 684-2948

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