Open Water

PADI OpenWater Class


The fun and adventure in diving starts as soon as you begin your OpenWater SCUBA Class at PACIFIC WILDERNESS.  The PADI OpenWater Diver Course is the most popular SCUBA course in the world and we teach it here at PACIFIC WILDERNESS!  Your PADI OpenWater Diver Course is divided into three segments:

Lecture – Class Session (s) (Approximately 6-8 Hours Covering Five Chapters)

Confined Water  – Pool Session (s) (Approximately 6-8 Hours)

Open Water – Open Water Ocean Dives (4 Dives over a Two Day Period)

Each segment is designed to ensure that you learn the skills needed to enjoy diving to the fullest. Listed below are our PADI Open Water Program Options conveniently offered on a year-round basis; this course is your key to an unforgettable underwater adventure you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

 Only the Desire to have Fun and to Learn to Dive!(Minimum age 12 to Register)



  • Attend All Class Sessions and Complete Assignments.
  • Attend All Pool Sessions and Demonstrate Water Skills.
  • Demonstrate Water Skills in Ocean.
  • Fulfill Written Exam.
The Following Equipment is Required for your OpenWater Class:

  • Silicone Dive Mask (Properly fitted)
  • Snorkel
  • Dive Fin with Heel Strap (Properly fitted to your Boots)
  • Neoprene Boots (5mm thickness or more)
  • Neoprene Gloves (2mm thickness or more)

Note, this Equipment is Required “Basic” Gear at ALL Dive Shops and is not included in the Class.  However, if you Purchase this Gear at Pacific Wilderness prior to the start of your class, you get an Instant $50 Rebate on your Course and a 30 Day Low Price Guarantee on ALL Items purchased!

We offer this incentive because we know – When we fit you, it’s done properly and we’ll avoid problems during class…


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