Regulator System -U S Divers Regulator 1st, 2nd & Octopus with Combo PSI & Depth Gauge

Upgrade to a Regulator System with Computer & Compass for $10 More


Buoyancy Jacket -Scubapro or Aqualung B. C. with Wrap Around Air Cell, pull Dumps & Tank Strap

Upgrade to a Weight Integrated BC for only $10 more


Tank -Your Choice of Aluminum 80 or Steel 72 – All Tanks Come Full $10.00
Full Wetsuit -BearSkin “Pro Max” One Piece or Aqualung “Rental” – 1/4″ Thick (6.5mm) $10.00
Hood -BearSkin “Extreme” with Full Bib – 3/16″ Thick (5mm) $5.00
Weight Belt with Weight -Standard 2″ web Belt with Buckle – Choice of 16, 20, 24 or 30lb. – Extra weight available $5.00



Mask & Snorkel -Diving Approved Silicone Mask and Snorkel


Fins -Diving Approved Fin with Heal Strap -or- Full Foot Fin $10.00
Compass (Wrist Mount) -Quality Underwater Compass with Wrist Strap $10.00
Computer (Hose Mount) -Full Decompression Modular Dive Computer in Hose Mount Boot $20.00
High PSI Tank – HP80, HP100 & HP120’s Available $15.00
Tank (Nitrox) -Oxygen Clean Aluminum 80 Nitrox Tank with Nitrox Fill between 30% & 40% $15.00
*50% Off Each Days Rental After the First Day!
Required for ALL Rentals

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Credit Card Security Deposit for All Rental Gear or Cash Equivalent
  • Valid Certification Card for EACH SET of SCUBA Gear
  • Rental Fees are Due at Time of Pickup
Checkout & Return Times

  • Rentals checked out after 3pm are due back in 36 hours (Friday 3pm due Sunday Opening)
  • Rentals checked out prior to 3pm are due back in 24 hours (Friday 12pm due Sat 12pm)
  • Rentals remaining out longer than above guidelines will be subject to extra Day charges
Refunds & Responsibility for Gear

  • Renter is responsible for Checking Dive Conditions PRIOR to renting – No Credit or Refunds will be issued if you should choose not to use your Equipment.
  • Renter is Responsible for Checking all Equipment PRIOR to leaving the Dive Shop.  Please be sure Tanks are Full of Air and all Equipment is working to your Satisfaction.
  • Renter is Fully Responsible for any Damage or Loss of Equipment and shall be charged any Repair or replacement costs necessary to Return Gear to original Condition.

Please Rinse all Equipment prior to Returning to the Shop. 

Any Equipment returned Dirty will be Subject to a $10 Cleaning Charge.