Why DSAT Gas Blender?

PADI’s DSAT Gas Blender Course Will teach you to safely blend Enriched Air and Trimix. Through a balance of independent study, classroom discussion and training exercises, you’ll acquire the knowledge necessary to be a confident Gas Blender.

As more divers learn the benefits of diving with Enriched Air and other gas mixes, only professional blenders will be able to provide safe blends… We’ll show you how!

Covered in this Course:

  • Blending fundamentals

  • Safely using Oxygen

  • Partial Pressure Blending vs. Pre-Mix Fills

  • Calculating Mixes

  • Hands on Blending!

Session One (Class):

Oxygen Use:

  • Hazards & Safety

  • Oxygen Cleaning

  • Blending Techniques

Approx. Time: 3-4 Hrs

Session Two (Class):

Blending Session:

  • Calculating Mixes

  • Hands-on Blending

  • Analyzing Mixes

Approx. Time: 3-4 Hrs




Completion of the PADI Enriched Air Diver Class or equivalent*.

(Minimum age 18 to Register)

*If your certification is listed below you may qualify to enroll in this PADI Specialty Course at Pacific Wilderness.

-BSAC Ocean Diver
-CMAS 1 Star Diver
-IDEA Open Water
-NASDS Open Water
-NAUI Open Water
-PDIC Open Water
-SSI Open Water
-YMCA Open Water

No Special Gear Requirements


  • Attend Class Sessions and Complete Assignments.
  • Demonstrate Proficiency in Gas Blending Techniques
  • Pass Written Exam

Private – Classroom Program

CLASS PROGRAM WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Our most Popular Specialty Program. The PADI DSAT Blender program incorporates about 8 hours of Instruction Customized to your Schedule with Two Supervised Class Sessions to Complete your Specialty Certification.

We recommend this Course to Students for Several Reasons:

  1. The next level of achievement for Dive Professionals is knowing how to Blend.  This Course will show you how!
  2. It allows those with Difficult or Varying Work Schedules to take Specialty Classes.
  3. It gives your Group the ability to take a Private Specialty Class with just your Friends at a comparable Price to Standard “Pre-Scheduled” Courses at other shops
  4. This Course has the Most Varied Schedule Available because you set it!
  5. Smaller class sizes mean more Personalized Attention.

To View How to Build a Class Schedules See Below.

Classes Size of One up to Eight 

Your Course Fee Includes:

  • Customized Course Schedule
  • Tuition Fee
  • DSAT Gas Blending Manual
  • Gas Mix Calculator & CD Rom

  • Hands-On Training on our Blending System

  • PADI Specialty Certification Card.

  • Oxygen / Helium & O2 Clean Tanks for Blending Practice

To book your own “Private” Class please use the following Outline for time allocations:

  • Session #1 (Class):  – Dedicate 3-4 Hours total time. This is normally done in One evening.
  • Session #2 (Class): – Dedicate 3-4 Hours total time. This is normally done in One evening.

If you need help or have any questions on how to schedule Your Specialty Class Please call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to walk you through it!

Note, Final Schedules will be determined jointly between Student (s) and Dive Shop based on Instructor Availability.