Manufacturers Recalls / Safety Alerts & Product Update Notices




07-06-2017 Suunto

 Suunto has issued an important safety notice regarding Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitters and Suunto Tank PODs:

Suunto has identified a potential safety risk affecting all Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitters and Suunto Tank PODs which wirelessly transmit tank air pressure to compatible Suunto dive computers.  In two reported incidents, the exterior case of a Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter has failed during regular dry land pressure testing. Although extremely rare, this represents a potential risk of injury, due to the risk of bursting.

Diver safety is of highest importance to Suunto. That is why Suunto has decided to initiate a recall of all Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitters and Suunto Tank PODs.

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Many SUUNTO Transmitters have been Sold through Pacific Wilderness.  Please see Recall Notice Above for  LOCAL SUUNTO Service Centers


Braided LP Hoses

DAN has sent out a Notice that SOME Low Pressure Braided Hoses used on Regulators are prone to a form of polymorphic crystallization — a phenomenon associated with cyclical heating and cooling at oil-water interfaces.

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Note: This Crystalization is possible on ALL Braided hoses sold prior to 2008 and ALL Chinese Made Braided hoses.  This notice DOES NOT APPLY to Miflex Brand Hoses sold after 2008. 

All Miflex Hoses are stamped “Miflex” and have a date stamp.  Chinese made hoses do NOT have a stamp of any sort.

These Hoses were never Sold at Pacific Wilderness.


Aqua Lung is conducting a voluntary product update of select Powerline inflators. Powerline inflators are found on all Aqua Lung Buoyancy Compensators and the Apeks Black Ice Buoyancy Compensator.

If you have purchased an Aqua Lung BCD/Apeks Black Ice since January 1, 2015, it will need to be inspected to determine if it meets the specific criteria and requires updating.

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Aladin2 Dive Computer – Safety NoticeThis recall involves the Aladin2 wrist dive computer that monitors depth, dive time, decompression status and temperature. The computer is 3 inches by 3 inches, rectangular, black, and mounted on a black wristband. SCUBAPRO is stamped on the top of the face frame and Aladin2 is printed in white on the bottom of the face frame. The serial number is stamped in white on the back of the unit and ends with 003.Please go to Scubapro Aladin2 voluntary recall for more information. Note: No Scubapro Aladin2 Computers under Recall have been sold through Pacific Wilderness



A limited batch of the high pressure rubber hoses used with Suunto air integrated dive computers, dive computer combos and analog combos has unfortunately been identified to have defective hose material which may impact the durability of the hose.

Diver safety is of highest importance to Suunto. Suunto announces a limited quantity safety recall of high pressure rubber hoses as identified below.

Identification of the affected high pressure rubber hoses:

  • Black rubber outer covering on hose
  • Marked with text 5000 PSIG PRESSURE TESTED – MADE IN USA
  • Hose diameter approximately 12,5 mm (1/2 inch) and length approximately 84 cm (33 inch)
  • Manufacturing batch code 1812 printed on
    HP Hose

This recall applies only to the specific 1812 batch of the high pressure rubber hoses. Other high pressure rubber hoses are not impacted.

The following products using this high pressure rubber hose may be affected: Cobra, Cobra 3, SM-36 pressure gauge and gauge combos, as well as Vyper and Zoop when purchased as combo products.

To date, there have been no known injuries related to this issue. It is mandatory that all
affected products are returned for a hose change.

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DiveAlert & DiveAlert PLUS  DA2, DP2, DV2 signaling devices.

Hazard: The female coupling poppet o-ring can come dislodged which in turn could result in reduced air flow to alternate regulator / inflation systems which could pose a drowning hazard.

Description: This voluntary recall involves DiveAlert & DiveAlert PLUS models DA2, DP2, & DV2 signaling devices. (These models are specifically designed to fit the Aqualung AirSource *includes AirSource3 QD*, Oceanic Air XS, Aeris AirLink, and Mares Air Control alternate regulator / inflation systems.) These devices fit inline to the BCD alternate regulator / inflation system, and use the high pressure gas in a scuba cylinder to activate a loud surface horn or an underwater percussion noise. The signaling devices in question have no stamped writing on the female coupling collar. ONLY model  DA2, DP2, & DV2 couplings with no writing stamped on the collar are included in the recall. No other DiveAlerts, or any Aqualung, Oceanic, Aeris, or Mares alternate regulator / inflation system are included in the recall.

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled DiveAlerts and return the device to an authorized DiveAlert dealer or to DiveAlert for a free repair. The repair consists of the replacing of the defective female coupling.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact DiveAlert toll-free at (800) 275-4332 between 8 am and 5 pm PT Monday through Friday or contact via email at Website information, go to

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Note: Dive Alert 2’s have not been sold through Pacific Wilderness.


Aqualung SureLock II
Weight Pocket Handles – Voluntary Recall

Aqua Lung is conducting a voluntary recall of SureLock II weight pocket handles as found on most Aqua Lung buoyancy compensators since 2009.

Please use the link below which will take you to our website where you may read the recall announcement, learn if your buoyancy compensator is affected and how to remedy the situation. As stated in the recall announcement, quantities of replacement handles will be in short supply for the first few weeks, but we felt a responsibility to notify all Aqua Lung customers as quickly as possible.

We have made production of replacement handles a top priority with our supplier. Please contact your local authorized Aqua Lung dealer prior to bringing in your weight pockets to inquire whether they have replacement handles available.

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Note: Surelock II Weight Systems with the Recalled Handles have been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Diving Equipment Recalled by DUI / DUI Weight & Trim Systems

DUI Weight & Trim Classic DUI Weight & Trim II Purchased since July 2010 Gray Handles DUI recently became aware of a problem with some DUI Weight & Trim Systems shipped after July 2010.  If the lanyard and/or cables are not the right length the weight pockets do not easily detach from the harness when the handle is pulled.  In the unlikely situation a handle is pulled in an emergency situation, this could prevent the weights from easily dropping as designed.


All of the Systems affected have GRAY fabric handles.  Systems with yellow plastic handles are NOT affected.

No incidents have been reported.  If you have one of these Systems, stop using it immediately and call DUI at (800)325-8439 or e-mail
to receive appropriate instructions. 


Systems shipped after April 20, 2011 with yellow handles or with gray handles AND a large silver stripe are not affected.

Note: DUI Weight & Trim Systems under this recall may have been sold through Pacific Wilderness.



Diving Equipment Recall by Ocean Technology Systems


As of November 10, 2010, Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) Management has issued an Urgent Safety Notice as follows:

It has been brought to our attention that under certain conditions and/or usages, the Guardian Full Face Mask (GFFM) Exhaust Assembly may come loose. If this assembly comes loose and separates from the housing, you will not be able to breathe the 2nd stage regulator. This is a result of a defective part with bad threads. It is extremely important that you conduct a simple test to ensure your 2nd stage regulator is securely fastened. If you find any problem whatsoever with the 2nd stage,


Please see link for instruction on how to test the exhaust system

Consumer Contact: For further instructions, or questions, call OTS at 1-877-270-1984 email at

Note: Please call within OTS operating hours Mon-Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm (PST).

Note: OTS – “Guardian” Full Face Masks under this recall may have been sold through Pacific Wilderness.


Dive Rite 2009 Logo Horizontal

Diving Equipment Recalled by Dive Rite Manufacturing Due to Drowning

Hazard: The over pressure valves (OPVs) in the diving equipment could fail allowing the buoyancy compensator devices (BCDs) to leak, posing a drowning hazard to divers.

Description: Dive Rite takes the safety of our consumers very seriously. It has come to our attention that some springs found on Dive Rite wings manufactured between June 2006 and October 2008 and used on the Over Pressurization Valve may rust or corrode.

The Dive Rite wings will have an opaque white or blue tinted bladder and a welded flange. It does not affect EXP or 360-branded wings. It also does not affect lift bags, surface marker tubes or other Dive Rite inflatable devices.

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using recalled diving equipment and return it to an authorized Dive Rite distributor or dealer for a free inspection and, if necessary, free replacement of the overpressure valve spring.

Consumer Contact: For more information, contact Dive Rite at (800) 495-1046 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, visit the firm’s Web site at Dive Rite Scuba Recall or email the firm at by clicking

View Video: Here

Note: Dive Rite BC’s under this recall may have been sold through Pacific Wilderness.


Diving Equipment Recalled by Halcyon Manufacturing Due to Drowning Hazard

Hazard: The over pressure valves (OPVs) in the diving equipment could fail allowing the buoyancy compensator devices (BCDs) and the diver lift inflatable devices to leak, posing a drowning hazard to divers.

Description: This recall involves Halcyon diving equipment including the Halcyon Explorer, Eclipse, CCR35, Evolve and Pioneer Buoyancy Compensator Devices (BCDs) and Halcyon Surface Marker Buoys (SMBs), Lift Bags, Diver Alert Markers (DAMs) Surf Shuttle and Diver Lift Raft Inflatable Devices. “Halcyon” is printed on the diving equipment.

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using recalled diving equipment and return it to an authorized Halcyon distributor or dealer for a free inspection and, if necessary, free replacement of the overpressure valve spring.

Consumer Contact: For more information, contact Halcyon at (800) 425-2966 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, visit the firm’s Web site at, or email the firm at

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Note: Though Pacific Wilderness was a Halcyon Dealer up till 2006 when it discontinued the Line – We believe no Units were sold through Pacific Wilderness. However, please check the Halcyon Link above to determine if you own any effected products.


Urgent Safety Notice on OTS “Guardian” Full Face Mask – Possible Visor ProblemOTS States:  It has been brought to our attention that under certain conditions and/or usages, the Guardian Full Face Mask (GFFM) visor can be dislodged and we are issuing an immediate “Stop Diving” alert until we can provide each GFFM with an easily installed remedy. For further instructions or if you have questions, you can call OTS at 1 877-270-1984, email at or look on the website for further information at is OTS’s intention to have the best and safest Full Face Mask available which is the reason we take every safety matter seriously and will be constantly monitoring this situation and all future GFFM in production.


Recall Toll-Free Number1-877-270-1984

Directions for sending a mask Under Recall Direct to OTS:

Click Here

Note: “Guardian” Masks under this recall have NOT been sold through Pacific Wilderness – All units in stock or Sold have been Retrofitted PRIOR to Sale.


Important Safety Notice on Si Tech DrySuit Hose Flow Restrictors

Note:  This Recall covers Si Tech Brand Drysuit Inflation hoses only.  It does not include Inflation hoses manufactured by other companies that happen to fit the Si Tech DrySuit Inflation System.  Please view the explanation sheet below prior to contacting your dealer.  If you are not sure, please come by our San Pedro Location and we will be happy to have a look. 
If you are unsure – Please DO NOT dive with a hose subject to this recall until the insert has been substituted (replaced with a green insert) by recognized service personnel.

Si Tech Recommends “Customers Contact the dealer that sold you the hose / drysuit (in which the hose was included) for more information”.  Since Pacific Wilderness has not sold ANY of these hoses, we will have a service charge of $10 to perform the retrofit – the part itself is no charge.

Download Our Explanation Sheet Here

View the Video Here

RECALL for substitution of the Flow Restriction Insert in hoses produced June 2006 thru February 2009 (Batch VIE thru ZBD, please see sheet for all batches that are subject for substitution).

Please go to Si Tech for Important Safety Notice for more information.

Note: DrySuit Inflation Hoses under this recall have NOT been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Aqualung Free flow Control Device – Technical Bulletin

This bulletin is being issued to pass on information regarding the compatibility of the Mifex hose and the Apeks free flow control device AP0233. It has come to our attention that the Mifex regulator hose may not be fully compatible with the FCD, due to a variance in manufacturing dimensions of the hose nut. There is an internal chamfer on the 9/16” swivel nut, that when fitted to the FCD comes into direct contact with the collar of the FCD and moves it forward, which in turn slightly restricts the gas flow. Please make your customers aware of this issue if they wish to purchase and ft the Mifex hose to their regulator or if they wish to purchase an FCD and fit this to a regulator already assembled with a Mifex hose.

Click here for Tech Bulletin

Note: Flow Control Devices under this recall have NOT been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Safety Recall Notice:  Imperial EAN 32 Nitrox TablePADI is recalling one version of the Imperial EANx32 Recreational Dive Planner used for calculating dive profiles. A printing error caused a series of numbers to be out of alignment, thus incorrect. The risk of injury from these errors is remote and no injuries have been reported. All RDPs included in this recall bear the printing mark “Printed in the USA” located on the back of the table, upper right corner. The product number and production code are located on the lower right corner, also on the back of the table. The product number and production code affected by this recall are:

Product No. 60049 Ver 1.2 (Rev 02/03) XXXPDK7

The product code digits indicated by “X” may vary. The last four digits “PDK7” indicate a recalled table, irrespective of what the first three digits are.

Click here for Recall Advisory

Note: Nitrox Tables under this recall may have been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Limited Recall of Apeks TX, ATX & XTX Second StagesThis is limited to those 2nd stages/octopus that have not undergone an authorized annual service. It has come to our attention that an incorrectly assembled 2nd stage has been purchased. If you have an Apeks regulator or octopus that has never had an authorized annual service, regardless of how recently purchased, please take the regulator/octopus to your Apeks dealer to be visually inspected.  All Apeks dealers and distributors have been made aware of this issue. Do not dive with the regulator until it has been visually inspected.  Apeks apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. We are dedicated to making the world’s best diving products and ensuring diver safety at all costs.

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Note:  Apeks Regulators under this recall may have been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Important Safety Notice Regarding Titan/Conshelf DIN Hand Wheel RetainerAqua Lung is issuing a recall on Titan / Conshelf DIN Handwheel Retainers. The suspect part, which was made of brass, was used prior to June 2006.

Aqua Lung asks all the owners of TITAN DIN regulators whose serial number is lower than 6062501 or TITAN/CONSHELF DIN adaptors that are marked 
300 BAR MAX to return their regulator to their Aqua Lung authorized retailer for an upgrade. The corrective action is replacement of the brass DIN HANDWHEEL RETAINER by another stainless steel DIN HANDWHEEL RETAINER marked 300 BAR MAXI.

Click here to
Determine whether your fist stage is affected.
Note: Titan / Conshelf Regulators under this recall may have been sold through Pacific Wilderness
Oceanic Worldwide
Important Safety Notice Regarding  DX type First Stages

Oceanic has been notified by its supplier (ROMI, Ent.) that they have received isolated reports of DX type Regulator First Stages exhibiting uncontrolled flow of air to the Second Stage.

Evaluation has shown that a specific batch of HP (High Pressure) Seats contained material that can deteriorate and fail to properly perform its mechanical sealing (shut off) function, causing an uncontrollable free flow which could result in serious injury to or death of the user.

The affected First Stages include those that were shipped to Oceanic Retailers from the factory between May 1, 2006 and November 15, 2006. Other model DX type First Stages, such as the CDX, DXi, DX3, DX4, and TDX5, that received annual service between May 1, 2006, and October 22, 2007, may also be affected.

NOTE: Due to the random nature utilized to assign SNs (serial numbers) to First Stages, there is only a small quantity of affected units within the large range of SNs. Since the extent of listing the actual SNs of all affected units would be impractical and not user friendly, Oceanic has created a data base on the OceanicWorldwide web site that product owners and retailers can easily access to determine whether a specific First Stage is affected and if it has received the retrofit.

If you have an affected unit, you must discontinue further use of it and take it to the Oceanic Dealer where you purchased it, or a local Authorized Oceanic Service Center, for a component retrofit at no charge.

WARNING: DO NOT CONTINUE USE of the Regulator First Stage until it receives a Retrofit. Only Authorized Oceanic Dealers and their trained service technicians must perform this Retrofit. Non authorized persons who attempt the Retrofit procedure risk voiding the product’s warranty and rendering the product dangerously unsafe for SCUBA use.

Click here to Determine whether your fist stage is affected.

Please go to Oceanic Product Bulletin for more information (50 kb.pdf File).

Note: No suspect DX First stages have been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Important Safety Notice Regarding  Apeks First Stage Yoke Screws
There maybe a potential problem with the yoke clamp screw on any yoke clamp type regulator with the serial number starting from 7010001 – 7053528. All Apeks dealers have been made aware of this issue.

Please return your Apeks regulator or just the yoke clamp screw to your nearest Apeks dealer for inspection. If you need assistance finding your nearest Apeks authorized dealer, please use the dealer locator found at Do not dive with the regulator until it has been inspected.

Apeks apologizes for any inconvenience this recall might cause. We are dedicated to making the world’s best diving products and to ensuring diver safety at all costs. This solution is the only reasonable course of action.

Please contact the Technical Department at Aqua Lung America at 877-253-DIVE (3483) if you need any assistance or have any further query.

Please go to Apeks Important Safety Notice for more information (18 kb.pdf file).

Note: No Apeks Regulators under this recall have been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Oceanic Worldwide
Important Safety Notice
Regarding Atom 2 Dive Computers
Oceanic has been notified by its supplier (Pelagic Pressure Systems) that they received isolate reports that two ATOM 2.0 Dive Computers locked into the Gas Switch-to screen and did not return to the Main Dive screen when the divers switched the units from Gas 1 to Gas d2 during dives when they were only using one Transmitter, and Pressure associated with Gas 2 was being provided by an Analog Gauge. Affected are Oceanic ATOM 2.0 Wrist Watch Dive Computers having serial numbers 1 through 2079 that were sold between August 2006 and February 2007, and are being used for diving activities that include use of multiple gas mixes not associated with multiple transmittersWARNING: DO NOT CONTINUE USE of the dive computers for multiple gas switching activities until the software is upgraded. Only Authorized Oceanic Dealers and their trained service technicians must perform this upgrade. Non-authorized personnel who attempt the upgrade procedure risk voiding the product’s warranty and rendering the product dangerously unsafe for SCUBA use.

Please go to Oceanic Product Bulletin for more information (89 kb.pdf File).

Note: No Atom 2 Dive Computers under this recall have been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Important Safety Notice Regarding D9 And D6 Diving Instruments

If you have purchased a Suunto D9 or D6 diving computer , please read the following safety notice regarding the recall of this Computer. 
Suunto has identified a software bug in the D9 and D6 instruments. The software bug may cause the D9 and D6 to incorrectly track dive time on rare occasions, potentially causing a risk to the diver.The products affected are:D9 serial numbers 62102582 and belowD6 serial numbers 62103693 and belowEven though the D9 and D6 will function correctly approximately 99.4% of the time during a dive, Suunto wants to eliminate the very small possibility of recording the dive time incorrectly. Therefore, Suunto is requesting that all D9 and D6 shall be returned for a software update that eliminates this issue.To date, there have been no known injuries related to this issue. Suunto strongly recommends that you should not use the D9 or D6 for diving without backup instrumentation before the unit has been updated with the latest software. Please bring your D9 and/or D6 to your nearest local authorized Suunto retailer for the software updated as soon as possible.Please go to Suunto Important Safety Notice for more information.
Note: Suunto D9 & D6 Computers under this recall may have been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Scubapro X650 Diving
Regulators Recalled for Drowning Hazard

If you have purchased a X650 second stage regulator , please read the following safety notice regarding the recall of this Regulator. SCUBAPRO is conducting a voluntary recall of the X650 second stage regulator. A manufacturing error could cause the main housing of some regulators to change shape over time, and the cover and diaphragm to become dislodged. If this occurs, air flow will be interrupted and the regulator will no longer function.
Please go to Scubapro X650 voluntary recall for more information.
Note: No Scubapro X650 Regulators have been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Scubapro MK20 Scuba Regulators for ServiceOver-tightening of the Yoke or Din retainer during annual servicing of these regulators could result in a stress crack and failure of the regulator. If this occurs during a dive, air supply could be interrupted, posing a drowning hazard. Scubapro® USA has been providing a service upgrade kit via the authorized dealer network since May 2005 which contains a Yoke or Din retainer that prohibits over-tightening during annual service. Consumers can easily identify if the service upgrade has been completed by counting the vents on the plastic saddle located on the regulator. If the service upgrade has not been completed, the consumer should bring the regulator to any authorized Scubapro® dealer to have the service upgrade completed free of charge.
Please go to Scubapro MK20 voluntary recall for more information.
Note: MK20 First Stages under this recall have been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Scubapro AIR 2 Converter Kit
SCUBAPRO is conducting a voluntary recall of the Air 2 Converter Kit. The converter is a plastic cylinder that permits an Air 2 Alternate Inflation Regulator to be attached to a non SCUBAPRO buoyancy compensator. The Air 2 Converter Kits were sold beginning October 8, 2003. They were also included in the box of the Air 2 Alternate Inflation Regulator beginning December 19, 2003. A break in the converter coupling could occur which will impact the diver’s ability to control buoyancy. For safety reasons, if you dive with an Air 2 Alternate Inflation Regulator on a non SCUBAPRO buoyancy compensator we ask that you immediately stop use and bring your buoyancy compensator with the Air 2 intact to your Authorized SCUBAPRO Dealer for evaluation.Please go to Scubapro Air 2 Converter voluntary recall for more information. IF YOU ARE DIVING WITH A SCUBAPRO BUOYANCY COMPENSATOR, YOU ARE NOT AFFECTED BY THIS RECALL.

Note: No Air 2 Converter Kits have been sold through Pacific Wilderness


Oceanic Worldwide
Oceanic Voluntary Recall of
Versa Pro revision 2A Dive Computers

If you have purchased a Oceanic Versa Pro revision 2A Digital Dive Computer, please read the following safety notice regarding the recall of these computers. Oceanic Worldwide of San Leandro, California, has discovered that While operating in the User Selected Digital Gauge Mode, displayed Elapsed Dive Time can be in excess of actual elapsed time.Please go to Oceanic Important Safety Notice for more information.


Oceanic Worldwide
Oceanic Issues Important Consumer Product Bulletin
Oceanic Reliant model Inflators that are fitted on various models of Oceanic’s BCs that were sold between February 1, 2004, and June 24, 2004.  BCs sold prior to February 1, 2004, do not have these Inflators and are not affected.Please go to

Oceanic Product Bulletin
for more information (479 KB .pdf File).


Aqualung ABS Octopus Exhaust Grid Replacement

Aqua Lung has determined that it is possible, under certain circumstances, for one or both of the exhaust valves on the ABS Octopus to become inverted. Inverted means that the edge of the exhaust valve can get lodged between two of the spokes of the seating surface. This could happen during the after-dive rinsing process if the valves are hit with a stream of high-pressure water from a garden hose or if the valves hit the water just right during an entry. The valves will not invert during the course of a dive. To protect the valve from inverting, Aqua Lung has redesigned the exhaust grid that covers the exhaust valves. Aqua Lung is requesting that all ABS Octopus regulators be brought into your local Aqua Lung Dealer for the grid Replacement.Please go to Aqualung Technical Advisories for more information.


Aqualung Powerline Airway Ribbed Hose Replacement
Aqua Lung has received reports that some of the ribbed hoses on the Powerline Airway have been tearing at the top near the dual exhaust valve. The best way to confirm whether or not you have one of the questionable hoses is to look at the serial number on the lower unit of the Powerline. If the serial number falls within the range of M48H to M52H,or M01I to M08I and is the original hose, then it should get replaced. This affects both SeaQuest and Aqua Lung BCs utilizing the Powerline inflator. If you have a spiral hose that falls within the serial number range, please have the hose replaced.Please go to Aqualung Technical Advisories for more information.