Dive Boats


Local Dive Boats
   22nd St. Landing-San Pedro Catalina Express 
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Bottom Scratcher- San Pedro  Pacific  Star & Moon – San Pedro Giant Stride – San Pedro  Island Diver – Redondo Beach
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Trip reservations can be made at either Pacific Wilderness location.

Full payment is required at the time of reservation for all Charters – No exceptions

Reservation: San Pedro (310) 833-2422


Most Boat Charters reflect two Pricing options – “Member” and “Non-Member” pricing.

  • Member Pricing is available to Current “Pacific Wilderness Dive Club” Members Only.  Any trip with “Member” Pricing only is available ONLY to Pacific Wilderness Dive Club Members. 

  • Non-Member Pricing is available to all interested parties – regardless of Club or Shop Affiliation.

  • Non-Diver Pricing is not available – each spot is sold at a “spot” rate, so we are unable to give any further discounts.

If you wish to join the our Dive Club you may download an application by clicking here  –  Club Application


If weather conditions do not permit diving safely at the advertised destination, it is the Captain’s option to choose an alternate diving location.  It is Pacific Wilderness Dive Shops Policy to back the Captain’s decisions concerning safety of his/her vessel and its’ passengers – They are the Experts!


  • WITH 14 DAYS OR MORE NOTICE  – You will receive a FULL REFUND.
  • WITH 3 TO 13 DAYS NOTICE  – You will receive HALF CREDIT of TRIP COST towards another Pacific Wilderness Boat Charter within the next year (365 Days) – Boat Credits expire after One Year.
  • WITH 2 OR FEWER DAYS NOTICE  – No Refund or Credit will be issued.
  • NO SHOWS  – No Refund or Credit will be issued to anyone who fails to show up on a trip.

If Pacific Wilderness or the Dive Boat Operator cancels the trip, you will receive a full Credit or refund – (Your Choice).


  • You must present a Certification Card when signing in with our DiveMaster. Passengers may not go diving without a certification card.
  • Every diver must have their own Pressure Gauge and timing device (and/or computer). All Divers are responsible for keeping track of their own depth and time information.
  • Dive lights and light stick or strobe are required for all Night Dives.
  • Divers must have a current California Fish & Game License if you wish to take game.
  • ZERO TOLERANCE as outlined by the Coast Guard is strictly enforced. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted between dives.


  • Shop Boat Dives are Boat Trips booked for Pacific Wilderness Dive Classes and will usually have many Students of all levels of Diving experience on Board.  These Boats often have excess spots available which we sell to both our Pacific Wilderness Dive Club Members and the General Public once we determine spots are available.  These Boat Trips are a good bet for beginning Divers especially since the Dive Boat will normally anchor in relatively shallow locations for the students on board.

  • Club Boat Dives are Reserved for Club Membership & General Public first and advanced Level Students if necessary to fill spots.  We try to keep the Club Boats free of Classes, but will do whatever is necessary to avoid losing money on these trips…..so, chances are no Students will be on board – but we don’t guarantee it!


  • Good Service & Hard Work on the part of the Captain & Crew should be rewarded the same as you would tip the Waiter or Waitress at a Restaurant.  Please Tip the Crew accordingly.  Most Boats will have a Tip Jar in the Galley – Guideline is between 10% & 20% of your trip cost OR a minimum of $5 per Dive.