EAN Nitrox



Enriched Air diving, commonly referred to as “Nitrox” diving has gained popularity among California divers over the past several years.  Diving with enriched air Nitrox lets you safely extend your no stop time beyond the no decompression limits for air. Diving with enriched air means more time underwater – but you need to be certified as an Enriched Air Diver to get enriched air fills.

PACIFIC WILDERNESS offers One Option to complete this Course; On Line / In Store Combo – Combo Price.  We will teach you how to safely dive on enriched air, with only 2-3 hours of class time & 2 Optional Nitrox dives.

Covered in this Course:

  • Planning Enriched Air Dives

  • Using EAN Tables & Dive Computers

  • Learn to Analyze Cylinder Contents

  • Safely Increase your “No-Stop” Time

Session One (On Line)

  • Class Briefing

  • Paperwork

  • Online Option – Complete All work, print completion form, then contact Shop to arrange Completion of class (Session #2)

  • Students MUST Register with “Pacific Wilderness” when choosing their Dive Shop on the PADI eLearning Web Site.



Approx. Time: 2-3 Hrs

Session Two (In Store):

  • Review Session

  • Practical Exam

  • Tank Analysis & Viewing of Actual Nitrox Fill Station

  • Dive Simulations or Complete 2 Optional Dives listed at Right

Approx. Time: 2 Hrs


Session Three (Optional):

  • Dive Briefing

  • Dives #1 & #2

  • Review

Approx. Time: 5-10 Hrs
(Depending on whether it’s a Beach or Boat Dive Program)


Certification counts toward the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.



Completion of the PADI Advanced Diver Class or equivalent.

(Minimum age 15 to Register)

The Following Equipment is Required for this Specialty Class should you opt for the Optional  “Dive Option”:

  • Basic Gear (Purchased in OpenWater)
  • Full SCUBA Gear (Rental Available**)
    • Regulator System
    • B. C.
    • Wetsuit & Hood
    • Weight Belt
    • (Nitrox Tanks are Provided)

    Plus the Following needed for Specialty Classes:

  • Dive Knife & Slate*
  • Compass*
  • Whistle*
  • Dive Bag for Boat Trips*
  • Safety Sausage*

*Note, this Equipment is Required at ALL Dive Shops and is not included in the Class.

**Full SCUBA Gear is available for Rental at a Package Rate of $40.


  • Complete eLearning Session and Complete All Assignments.
  • Demonstrate Knowledge of Enriched Air Usage & Use of Tables.
  • Fulfill Practical Exam in Store
  • Complete Two Dives (Either Simulated or Actual with Nitrox)


Online Combo Program
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Our most Popular NITROX Program. This Specialty NITROX program incorporates about 2 to 3 hours of Online Instruction through the PADI e-Learning Program. If you choose this program, you may simply Register online with PADI using the Link below – Naming Pacific Wilderness as your shop.  Pay the Online Course fee and complete the work.  Once you’ve completed the Online portion, you will receive a “Proof of Completion” and we will be notified.  Following completion, we can arrange “Session #2” to complete your Course.If you choose, you can book Two Optional Supervised Nitrox Dives to enhance your Specialty Certification.

We recommend this Course to Students for Several Reasons:

  1. Diving Nitrox can Extend you Bottom Time
  2. For Us “Older Folk” it’s a Safer Gas than Air as long as you stay within the maximum Depths.  This allows us to dive the same profiles, but stay well within Deco Limits.
  3. It allows those with Difficult or Varying Work Schedules to take Specialty Classes at their own pace & schedule.
  4. It gives your Group the ability to take a Private Specialty Class with just your Friends at a comparable Price to Standard “Pre-Scheduled” Courses at other shops
  5. This Course has the Most Varied Schedule Available because you set it!
  6. Smaller class sizes mean more Personalized Attention.

Classes Size of One up to Eight 

Click the Link Below to Begin your PADI Nitrox Course On Line.

PADI eLearning

Your Course Fee Includes:

  • Session #1 ($186 to PADI)Includes:
    • Tuition Fee
    • Unlimited Access to the Nitrox Materials Online.


  • Session #2 ($64 Instruction fee to Store)Includes:
    • Review Session at our San Pedro Store.
    • Practical Exam
    • Tank Analysis
    • Dive Simulations
  • PADI Specialty Certification Card.


  • Session #3 ($50 Additional)
    • (2) Beach Dives with Instructor or substitute a Day of Boat Diving for an Extra (Boat Fee)
    • (2) Nitrox Tanks Filled

To book your own NITROX Class please use the following Outline for time allocations:

  • Session #1 (On Line):  – Dedicate 2-3 Hours total time. This may be done On Line at your own Pace, but MUST be registered with Pacific Wilderness when you chose your eLearning Option..
  • Session #2 (In Store):  – Dedicate about 2 Hours total time. This may be done in One evening.
  • Session #3 (Optional Dives) – You will need to Dedicate a Half Day. Our Beach Dives are normally arranged early morning when conditions are typically best.  Session normally runs 7 am to Noon.  If you opt for the Boat Option, the day will run from 6:45 am till about 5:00 pm and there will be an additional charge for the Boat Trip itself.

If you need help or have any questions on how to schedule Your NITROX Class Please call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to walk you through it!

Note, Final Schedules will be determined jointly between Student (s) and Dive Shop based on Instructor Availability.